Often I have been called to projects which have started execution and do not fullfill the original objectives or are not fullfilling the expectations of stakeholders. With an external project review and a setup of corrective measures a project can become succesfull again.

Examples of my ingoing position for a review:
“Quality and scope of Services do not meet the expectation ofthe customer. Original contract is under discussion.”
“A large cost overrun has occured. The project situation is escalated with major discussions on change requests”
“Milestone objectives have not been met. There is no trust and transparency in the current project planning”
Traceability and Ambiguity
“Objectives and scope are contradicting and uncompletely defined“
“Discussions on personal skills and the quality of consultants as well as availability of business increase. Mistrust in communication leads to higher formal controls and status reports”

All issues lead to a project atmosphere which makes the status worse and will lead most likely to a declining productivity curve. Full transparency on the situation in all dimensions with necessary details and facts can help to make the right decisions. An exhaustive project review or project audit from an experienced and independant project manager might be the right choice.

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