Requirement management

Requirement management is of major importance for development of complex product and system design. Especially if work is distributed over many consultants and locations. Objective of requirement management is a common understanding over a To-Be System between integrator (supplier) and customer. Resulting documents will support the legal framework and form a basis as SOW (statement of work) for the planned implementation.
We support companies in defining business requirements . Systematically gathering and structuring requirements in a way that technical implementation will be understood and correctly implemented in a high quality is our core competence.
In our experience the following situation often occur in projects.
– Business users often consider AS-IS processes as the leading requirement and need to be supported in the transformation to new processes and new IT systems.
– Technical integrators often consider the system behaviour as the leading process and need to be supported by understanding the new business requirements.
We understand ourselves as bridge builder between business and IT and make interfaces well defined connections

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